Using conscript 

The main thing you do with conscript is install and update commands based on launchconfig. launchconfig files are stored in GitHub projects, which you pass into the cs command. For example, this installs the giter8 templating system:

$ cs foundweekends/giter8

launchconfigs specify a version of the app to use, but you can override that by specifying an explicit version with another slash:

$ cs foundweekends/giter8/0.2.1

Project owners may also decide to push pre-release or other alternate launchconfig to different branches on GitHub. Use can tell conscript read launchconfigs from another branch with the --branch or -b option.

$ cs foundweekends/giter8 --branch staging

Cleaning boot directory 

If at some point your conscript boot directory contains stale/suspect artifacts such as snapshot releases, you can clean it:

$ cs --clean-boot

When you next run any conscripted app (such as cs) it will fetch its cleaned dependencies back into the shared boot directory; generally it only has to look as far as the local ivy cache to find them.