Changing the look 

You might want to read pamflets using a dark color scheme. That’s why Pamflet ships with three color schemes: github, monokai, and redmond.

Applying a color scheme 

To apply a dark color scheme, open your pamflet with query string ?color_scheme=monokai. This will store "monokai" to the HTML5 local storage, and apply the scheme to the pamflet.

Default color scheme 

The default scheme is github. To change it to something else, set color_scheme property:


Custom color scheme 

To create your own custom color scheme, for example named “zen”, create color_scheme-zen.css and declare css properties under body.color_scheme-zen:

body.color_scheme-zen {
    color: black;
    background: white;
body.color_scheme-zen code.prettyprint span.str {
  color: #dd1144

Custom header and footer 

To change the header to something else, set layout.header and layout.header.height property:

Now drop a file named into docs/layout/:

<div class="container">
  <div class="span-16 prepend-1 append-1">
    <div class="span-16 top nav">
      <div class="span-16 title">
        <span>$contents.title$</span>$if(page.title)$ —
         $page.title$ $endif$ (draft)

This will add ”(draft)” at the end of the default header. The footer works the same way. Just use layout.footer and layout.footer.height instead.

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