Git Hooks 

Git hooks turn Pamflet from a cute toy into digital printing press. Set them up on a server under your control (you do have one, yes?) and have your published documentation updated every time you push.

Assuming your have a --bare git repository on your server, it should already have a hooks/ subdirectory. In hooks/, create or edit a file post-update that is similar to the following:

cd $DOCB
env -i git pull
cd -
$HOME/bin/pf $DOCB/docs $PUB

DOCB is a clone of the same repo, but with a working tree. PUB is the directory where the finished html and other files will be placed. HOME is your home directory, because git runs the hook in a weird environment and it’s best to be explicit.

Set all that up, and make the hook script executable or it will not run and you’ll be very confused for a while. Also, make sure that ~/bin/pf runs normally on the server.

When you push to the bare repo from elsewhere, you’ll see the normal git output along with a success or error message from Pamflet. (And yes, this is some pretty lame scripting. Fork this pamflet, that’s what it’s here for.)

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