Filenames and Page Names 

Pamflet reads source files from the source directory and produces finished web files at the destination. Sources with a markdown or md extension correspond to one html output file.

Filenames are used only for ordering pages and sections; the display titles and page URLs are determined instead by the first heading element in the source of the page.

Naming Conventions 

It is suggested that you name your sources with a simple numeric or alphabetical prefix to control ordering; after that you can include some portion of the title, or nothing, and end with the markdown extension.

For example, the title page of a pamflet could be named 00.markdown to ensure that is the first source in the ordered list. The contents might look like this:


*Pamflet* is a publishing application...

This tells the processor that “Pamflet” is the name of the page. If this source is indeed the first one in the ordered list, it is interpreted as the name of the entire pamflet.

Output Names 

The output html filenames are URL-encoded versions of the page names; the have no relationship to the input filenames. Page names must therefore be unique across the pamflet.

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