Going Deep 

Even the simplest pamflet can often benefit from grouping related pages into sections—in fact, you’re reading a section right now.

Pamflet supports arbitrarily many nested sections, defined by directories beneath the primary source directory. These directories participate in the same name-based ordering as their adjacent markdown sources.


Given valid sources containing page headings, the above structure will produce the following Contents listing:

1. <01/00.markdown>
  a. <01/a.markdown>
  b. <01/b.markdown>
2, <02.markdown>

Here you can see how the first ordered source in a directory, 00.markdown, always acts as a title page whether it is for a the entire pamflet or just one section. It is numbered and positioned according on the higher level numbering; at the top level, this is simply the absence of any number.

You can also see in this example that Pamflet’s second level numbering is lowercase letters. The third is lowercase roman numerals, and and after that it is back to the browser default. You can override these for any level using a custom stylesheet.


Nesting is reflected only in the Contents listing. The pamflet page namespace is flat, with all output html under a single path.

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