Like a Book 

Pamflet generates a linked sets of pages called “pamflets”. Although hierarchical organization of pages is supported, the primary means of navigation is linear and authors are encouraged to write pamflets that progress logically when read front to back.

The table of contents appears at the bottom of every page. The first page of a pamflet should be brief so that the generated contents listing will appear above the fold. Think of it as a title page, with a few sentences of description.

On the Big Screen 

On devices with large screens—typically, laptop and desktop computers—pamflet texts appear in a fixed-width center column. The margins are giant clickable regions for page flipping. The left and right keyboard arrows may also be used for the same purpose.

Going Mobile 

Since Pamflets are meant to be carried around, having a good mobile appearance and behavior is vital. When viewed on a phone, tablet, or other small-screen device, pamflets take the full screen width.

Radio Silent 

And because mobile devices aren’t always connected, an HTML5 cache manifest is generated for all pamflets. Add a bookmark for a pamflet to your home screen so you can read it anywhere.

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